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Opinion on Burn/Dodge for shading? by Crossed-Unversed

First off, I bloody hate it. I remember when I used to use it when I was first starting digital art, and I still hate the effect.

However, there's a stupid comic book art project my Graphics teacher Creature is having us do with ourselves as the subject, and she wants us to use dodge and burn to shade it when we finally get around to coloring.

I remember a while ago I go chewed out by another artist for using dodge and burn, and that's kind of stuck in my head, but I'd like to see some other opinions on this.

Does it suck?
Is it only good in small increments?
Does it take some major practice to use it well?

Opinion on Burn/Dodge for shading?


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    I'm a dodger and burner, but only because I don't really know any better, although there are a few more advanced techniques I'd kill to learn. This one here I did the other day is all dodging and burning, albeit not really detailed:

    But yeah I've heard of the hate it gets and I can see there being much more pleasing methods; personally it does the job for me, and you can do a good amount with it with some tweaking. Why anyone would chew you out for using it sounds a little inane, but it's beginner stuff I guess.