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I suppose i'll start jotting things down about my Eihny species... When I think of things i'll just add it to this journal, for now at least, until maybe i make some sort of reference.

EIHNY ("Ayy-ih-nee")


• Average height: 5'2" - 5'5"

• Very quick and nimble

• Genderless, but also self specified.

• They are born with neutral reproductive organs, but certain features are grown or implemented with age by choice of identification.

• They are able to jump very high, even in place. This aspect makes them fond of being up in trees, though it's not where they rely. (Not sure where they prefer to be yet. TBA)

• Their pupils are always white. Their tapetum lucidum (what makes cat eyes shine in light) is white and reflects all wavelengths of light, suggesting that they can see extremely well in the dark.

• Their upper arms and legs may look weak and fragile but it's the lower parts of their limbs that pack the punch. They may not be super strong, but they do have quite a bit of strength.

• There's plenty of muscle in the base of their tails but as it thins out, there is very, very little muscle, so the end of the tail tends to drag, droop, or always tends to be on the floor, with no help from the heavy bands.

• The heavy bands restrict its upper arms, although it's not painful. Since being raised with them on, they don't bother eihny too much. The bands that tend to bother some eihny are the ones on the tail. The bands cannot be removed, since their tails are too bushy and they are also unbreakable.

• Desperate, weak or self-loathing eihny may cut their tail furs to be able to slip the rings off, though it's shameful.

• They receive their bands on their first year of birth by their parents, which is why it is shameful if later on they do whatever it takes to have the bands removed.

• Their fingers/nails are rounded and very dull so they use their teeth for most things. (opening, ripping, tearing things, etc...)


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9 March 2014 at 11:47:24 MDT

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    HHHHH-... PERFECT. <3

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    Out of curiosity for a while, how do you pronounce their name? o:

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      ahh good question.. well i guess i pronounce it as AYY-ih-nee. like eighty with an added i and replace the t with an n... ei-ih-ny.. Eihny.

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    Yes all the head canons for my bab