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Commission slow down + new art doll by NimbleBun

hello. I just wanted to give a mass heads up to people who are considering commissioning me or are currently involved with a commission by me.

I am currently preparing for my next convention which is a big reason why I have not been putting many things up on my shop/uploading new things in the gallery. Its alot of work getting a decent stock for a two day convention. I am working on a new art doll that I will put up in the shop and if it doesn't sell I will be taking it with me to the convention. If you wanted to save up for it, it is a Tengu doll and its price range will be $350-$380. The doll isn't fully complete yet, but right now it looks so badass and it is super fun to work on :D

I will have a doll commission auction put up today. I found another head that I can not see myself using but might as well pass the savings onto you.

Drawing commissions will get done when they get done. I do not recommend engaging in a commission before June that has a deadline preferred. Even if your deadline seems reasonable, I can not guarantee its completion on time.

Art dolls, pre-made auctions will get done in an timely manner. Pre-made other dolls or complete customs are on the same schedule as drawing commissions (gets done when it gets done)

If you have any questions regarding your commission or would like to get a quote if you were considering commissioning me in the future, please send it via note. thank you!

I do not do waiting lists.


Commission slow down + new art doll


8 March 2014 at 14:36:53 MST

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