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A Night-Long Day by Metric

Hey all, this is all completely freelance stuff, just improvising as I go along. No story prepared, just urgings and inspirations that generally accompany physical fatigue.
I really hope you enjoy it anyway XD This is just part 1. There will be more.

Asleep I fall as shadows grow, while outside the winds of winter blow.
My body rests my eyes do close, the world it seems begins to doze.
Yet heart and mind are now set free to roam a world of mystery.
The story grand begins tonight, adventures bold and darkness bright.

Awoke I thought upon my back, a warm slow breeze was not to lack.
I stood and rubbed my stinging eyes, to see a world to my surprise.
This place I've not yet seen before, so what's to do but go explore?
And thus it was that walking tall, I walked that lonely sandy hall.

A beauty fair like this I've seen, but once before, 'twas in a dream.
But dream it was when last I saw, this scene so real was no dream at all.
The feel of wind and sand and sun, the scent of briny salt all one,
Has told my senses it is real, what more to say but think and feel?

A long long way I walked that day, the place I'd started so far away,
When at last ahead my eyes did meet, the strangest sight which stayed my feet.
Ahead a figure lone did stand, his fingers writing in the sand.
When heard my steps, up did he peer, so gazes met, a gaze sincere.

Now comes a part where story told, must take a stop, a break, a hold.
This one who sat upon the sand, I knew him not, no dream withstand.
Yet friend he was and still was more, a brother now, forever more.
How this was I did not know, yet know I did that this was so.

I can't keep my eyes open anymore tonight. I'll continue the story when next I feel inspired to write lol. G'night!

A Night-Long Day


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