BEE EL EF CEE meme by Groggy

It's that meme that's been floatin around!

Arrival and Departure:
Wednesday if the weather forecast is friendly, tuesday if not. Leaving monday night

Staying at:
GSR in a junior/western suite

Mode of Transportation:
DogSled if I get her fixed up and ready in time (2000 toyota sienna van) or Diesel Doggy (vw jetta TDI wagon) if DogSled isn't ready

Room Share:
grapeFruitBat grapeFruitBat, TripECollie TripECollie, and KDVC

Major Plans at the Con:
Fursuit a ton, party, take pics, Stuff my face with Ijji sushi, and help where I can

Who Will I be with:

Umm, all of em? :P
Pazooki, Torq, Bailey, Dew (Will be loaned out to a good fried) Doppler if I fix him, Kazoo

Attending Parties:
YES! May host one too

How best to find me:
Look for one of my suits but be warned, it may not be me in them :P
Or look for the asian with that huge camera :P

Stage Performance:
Don't even think there's a variety show this time :P

YUS! We'll have rlly nice scotch, those bottomless mimosas, I'm sure I'l be making tiki drinks again like my painkillers and hot buttered rums, etc.

Yup! maybe pipe, vape pen, and possibly hookah

YUS! So long as you've showered.

No. Only copious amounts of random arm flailing!

Yes, not from me though.

What is your gender?
That's for you to decide/figure out :P

How old are you?
24 but veeeery close to 25 now

Can I touch you?
Only if I get to touch you back ;)

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
If ya want to

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs yes, snuggles I prefer in suit

How tall are you?
Shortish (5'7") lil asian

You look pissed off out of suit can I come up to you?
You most likely won't see me pissed off but if I do, I'm not liable for a broken nose or hurt feelings

Are you nice?
That all depends :P You're nice to me, I'm nice to you

Are you cliquey?
I try not to be

Can I stalk you?
Only if you have a cute suit you wanna let me try on ;)

Do you like parties?
Well duh?

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
How do you normally get someone's attention?

Are you fursuiting?

Can I ask ya to dance with me during the dances?
I suck at dancing but am not against having a good time on the dance floor

Can I buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner sometime?

Can I take a picture of ya?
YES! love dem pics, even IRL ones

Would ya like to get a commission done of ya?

Side note. I WILL BE DOING SUIT SWAPS THIS CON! I'm just not planning any. I've let others down due to timing and other issues and I've been let down a ton too. It sucks to make plans for swaps and set expectations and then have them not happen. I'm open to doing them and truthfully I LOVE SWAPS. So if ya wanna swap, find me at con or message me on twitter or something and we'll set something up!



7 March 2014 at 21:46:34 MST

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