Proof Life Itself is Fucked Up by RollerCoasterViper59 A BLACK teenager is shot over a CAUCASION man's obnoxiousness of having the BLACK teen stop playing his music so loud.

What I got from this is basically some group of black teens we're playing some music loud and in typical old person fasion this Dunn guy walks up asking to turn his music down. Please note that when you're face to face with ANY teenage and you tell them to do something they don't want to do they WILL have a snarky look at you. However, THIS guy gets a frightening feeling, pulls a revolver and fires 10 shots at the car they we're in leaving one dead.

He's been charged, but they're struggling to give him murder in the first because of unsupported evidence. Exactly how is anything here unsupported if he decided to snoop in other people's buisness. And DONT pull a Trayvon Martin and go "they must've been high on lean so it was okay to kill them then claim self defense because they we're doing something they we're supposed to" It's a NO you should mind you're fucking buisness and as I was always told if something bothers you leave it alone or take a walk... but no since we as people of 2014 fear something we shoot it down to feel safety. Way to go #sandford, FL & #Jacksonville,FL

And what the fuck is this a Detroit female mind you she's BLACK gets into a car accident and knocks on someone's door to get help. The person who's door she knocked on appear as if they we're NOT HOME (fun fact when you act like you're not home KEEP IT THAT WAY) However, as she walks off his porch the dude opens the door and take a wild guess. Fires 3 shots at her killing her on his front lawn. He too claims self defense.

I wounder, if I stalk someone in the middle of the night and end their life and claim self-defense and get acquitted #TrayvonMartin , I wounder if I shot at someone because their playing music too loud would they acquitt of 1st degree murder or if I shot someone looking for help would I be able to sleep at night :/
Maybe it's because I'm BLACK that they'd throw teh book at me first chance I got... Just Sayin shit it crazy :(

Proof Life Itself is Fucked Up


5 March 2014 at 18:13:01 MST

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