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Would anyone possibly want ...? [PLEASE READ] by Seiokou

I'm thinking that if I just did an art slave thingy for like $300-$400(buyer would have to cover the fees so I would actually have enough), I could just buy my new laptop then and there, and once it arrived I'd have about a week to get everything set up, and finish off my owed commissions, and then I would be spending about 8-10 a day(basically my entire day excluding eating, bathroom, and hygiene) on the buyer's specified commissions, one at a time! The amount of commissions will probably be a certain combination adding up to about $350-$450, depending on how much it was bought for, and it would ignore my nudity/erotic charge and preferences, meaning that things I normally won't draw(mostly fetishes) I actually will draw for these commissions, so this is quite a bargain! I'd probably be a lil specific about the commission combo, so no one goes overboard on me, and orders the max amount of my cheapest type of commission, so that I get stuck drawing for them for an entire year, or something, I'll still want a Que I can actually handle. lol

If anyone is interested, I'll post up a more specific explaination of what will be in the art slave thingy, and if anyone thinks I should just turn this into a ladder auction, starting at $300, with extra rewards n stuff for higher bids, please let me know, so I can consider it! With my laptop's screen/motherboard now dying out, I won't even be able to use it at all, soon enough, so I'll need the new comp sooner that I had originally predicted!! ; v;

Would anyone possibly want ...? [PLEASE READ]


4 March 2014 at 19:45:12 MST

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      Y-you would want to pay that much for an artslave from me~? ; ω;