Slowly Getting the Hang of Things by Rehgan

Continuing to upload some backlog. Maybe I should start cross-posting with new stuff, as well?

I'm not sure how to tackle "365", since we're already 60+ images in, and I'd hate to upload out of sync, but also don't want to spam anyone (I'm already doing little bursts - sorry!). Hm hm hm.

So far my only complaint is the the profile pages seem huuuge - probably because the main/feature submission is automatically full-sized. Is there a way to change that, does anyone know?

Also, if you guys know more cool stuff to do/see here, please let me know, I'm alarmingly wet behind the ears around here.


~ Rehgan

Slowly Getting the Hang of Things


3 March 2014 at 12:35:53 MST

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    I'm still learning myself.

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    Yo! How about creating a submission folder for "365" and adjusting its settings so you can upload images to it without your followers receiving notifications about them? You can throw all of your completed pieces into the folder, then, as soon as you're done, readjust its settings so your followers will be notified the next time you post a new image in the same folder. I've seen a few other people use this method to avoid flooding their followers when they were cross-posting their entire gallery from FA. Maybe give that a shot if you haven't done so already.

    As for your question about the profile pages, I don't think anything can be done about that other than asking the staff in the Weasyl forums to consider changing this feature in a future update of the site. Sorry I can't be of anymore help to ya there, bud. :/


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      Thank you - I appreciate the help! I'm strongly considering the folder for "365", as I've been using the "do not notify watchers" for everything else so far. My only remaining concern is that the upload rate overall seems rather slow on Weasyl, and I'd feel awful to have 80+ images from me clogging up the recent uploads at once!

      I may just have to bite the bullet on it, though. Thanks again!

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        OH! I see now I can keep them from flooding the front page, too! AWESOME!

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          Haha, yesss! And you're welcome! I'm glad I could help. And I haven't received a single submission notification from you at all. You got it! Right on! You're gonna go far, kid. :P

          Hope you have a good one!