Get Me into Grooming School by Carry

My name is Elizabeth, I'm a 19yr old gal with a dream to become a groomer and with your help I can.

Since I was younger I had always pictured myself in a line of work that involved animals. So, why not a groomer? For more than a year now, I have been working as a dog bather in a couple grooming salons as well as an 'at home' business of washing my neighbors and friends' dogs when they asked me. Now that I have watched the groomers at my job work, seen the struggles they have been through and understood the responsibility of this career I know I'm ready to take the next step in getting my certificate in being a Certified Dog Groomer Stylist.

The tuition of the grooming schools that I am currently entertaining are about $6000 to $7000; which would take me a long of time to be able to raise on my own with a minimal wage job, paying rent and other financial expenses. With your help, no matter the amount, would be greatly appreciated to succeed in my dreams.

Thank You.

Get Me into Grooming School


28 February 2014 at 11:16:20 MST

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