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ok so hi. my internet name is evan, but for this account you can call me by my fursona name: rust. i'm nineteen, and a female-to-male transsexual. i'm also really gay. uhm, i watch a lot of tv lol currently true detective is ruling my life. i used to have a furaffinity account a looong time ago, but life happened and i stopped using it. recently i've gotten back into drawing and stuff, so i've decided to give it another go. here's the link to my fa account:

physical details bout rust: spotted hyena, 5'7", ftm, pre-t (hopefully going on t in two months!!!!!) and pre-op unfortunately, dark eyes, yellowy/brown/orange coat with dark brown spots, pierced tongue (venom)

personality: quiet, creative, really gay lol, a lil obsessive, patient, apathetic, curious, easily bored, smart, awkward as fuck, not eloquent, clearly bad at this sort of stuff

anyway idk why i wrote that all out, just in case anyone cares lol ok wish me luck with this stuff

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27 February 2014 at 11:46:31 MST

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