wtf just happened by misticsilverwolf17

so yeah I've been busy working and all that jazz then all of a sudden I just got extremely even though I'm new here and I wanted to start building a portfolio here ,I haven't been able to do anything whatsoever. which sucks big fat ****!
I'm still trying to meet new people here to broaden my horizon an everything but my body just said no all I did was go to work and then sleep until I couldn't work anymore and then I just slept.

I'd like to do some art ASAP but no I gotta catch up with work irl .I was open to do commissions and request and stuff for free but since I'm new here I don't have the followers for anyody to hit me up on that yet

if you haven't seen my fa stuff I still have like 4 more characters transfer over here will not transfer over here but at least bring them here as well

well that's about everything I guess

wtf just happened


25 February 2014 at 19:01:53 MST

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