Name Your price Commissions! by Border Walker

Alright guys. Once again I need to remind everyone that I am open for Commissions! As it is, even with tax returns I cannot afford enough to really get a car easily, and need some extra cash to help offset the prices, or at least help in saving up for it. as well as other nice things.

So, I will be doing name your price commissions. Yes, name your price commissions. I did this once before and am doing it again. Be it something I've done before or no, I'll tackle it!

I will draw you ANYTHING. Any content, any image. All you need to is tell me what you want, and then toss me the money.

Want an icon? You got it.
Simple little ink Pinup? Can do.
Orgy? Sure!
The most bizarre and kinky thing you can think of? Fine by me!
Ref Sheet? Absolutely.

I don't care what it is, I will draw it. I will draw your smuttiest most fetish filled fantasy, and at whatever price you wish to give me.

Interested? Note me, or email me at Borderwalker1 at gmail dot com.

Help spread the word to if you can. Twitter, Tumblr, journals, etc.

Name Your price Commissions!

Border Walker

25 February 2014 at 13:42:31 MST

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