Comicon! by Shinsetsu

Been a while since the last journal hasen't it?
Anyway, something to mention.

Firstly, Comicon!
Me and part of my family are planning on going this year in Manchester, UK.
As part of it I'm going to be waering a costume. I was thinking about going in my fursuit, which I finally decided against because of a few reasons.
So instead I'm going to go as a satyr (or faun, if you prefer).
Unfortunetly I don't own a satyr costume..... and I'm not great at making costumes either. This means I'm going to be commissioning the costume.
I'm confident I can cover the cost, but I was also thinking of doing a sort of art deal.

So, how's this going to work?

One; I open up requests (not quite yet, I'll post another journal when I do).
People can make requests. It can be anything. (Anything between General to gore and violance. It can be Pokemon, Fanart or your own characters. I will write up all details in the future journal.)

Two; I do some art. From sketches, to abstract, to full pieces. (Even simple refrence sheets if I'm feeling it).

Three; I post the art. The requester can upload it to their account (or add it to their collection), with appropreate credit.

Four; I will allow requesters to tip me for my art (though PayPal). Tips will be completely volentary and the requester can choose the amount (though all tips will need to be in GBP).

Since I also have a FurAffinity account I will be alternating between the two. One week I will focus on Weasyl requests, the next FurAffinity and so on. I will be posting the finished piece on both sites.

I think it's a good idea, though it will only work if people will actually read...
Hope everyone it having a good day!



25 February 2014 at 13:28:54 MST

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