Hello Weasyl!/Signal Boost! by Ironclad

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been really diligent about thanking you all for watching and favoriting my stuff... and also that I haven't uploaded much of late. But I did flood my page with really good art today, so I have that going for me! Seriously, thank you guys so much!

On another note, I wanted to promote an artist I've gotten some truly awesome work from in the past, and whose pieces you can see in my Commissions from Others folder, as well as on her own page and FA too. icesickel is an awesome artist who needs some commissioners right now. Her rates are extremely reasonable, with amazing sketches starting as low as $5. FIVE BUCKS GUYS. And fully colored, two-character commissions with backgrounds are just $40! Seriously, you cannot beat the value and the quality she puts out there. Even if you can't spend any money right now, please go watch her!

If you guys have any questions or comments, leave 'em right here! Until next time, thanks again!

Hello Weasyl!/Signal Boost!


25 February 2014 at 11:53:30 MST

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    thank you so much for this!

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      No problem! I'm gonna post some of your stuff and make a journal on FA, too. As much as I wanna phase out my FA use, I have more watchers there and hopefully we'll get you some more work. :3