Lack of activity coming from depression/lack of inspiration by Tang

Hey all, you may have noticed that the last journal I've posted was 2 weeks ago, and that the last piece of art I posted was even longer ago. While I have many sketches that I plan on finishing in the upcoming weeks, part of me is just.....feeling a lack of inspiration to draw lately. I know I'm getting better and I can see progress in my work, but I just feel like cramming in this drawing on top of studying for Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, and political science this quarter is just cutting into my mental health so damn much. So while I can promise you there will be art postings in the upcoming weeks, my lack of activity now, is more or less because I just don't feel inspired to do work.

That being said I promise there will be more posting of art next quarter. This is because I decided to fulfill the one fine art class I have to take, I'd take intro to digital painting and drawing, so my homework will happen to coincide with making digital art. That being said I will HAVE TO make more time at that point.

Long term I will probably make my commissioning debut at Califur, will have cards and stuff to give people as well as samples cause quite frankly my FA doesn't have as much as I'd like it to, and that may change given the upcoming weeks.

Just as a side note to all the other artists out there. Have you ever felt like multiple different artists inspire your work in their style spilling into yours? I notice that Gunmouth has been someone whom I've wanted to influence my style for quite some time, yet at the same time I've been noticing trends within my newer stuff that looks closer to yuuri Yuuri's stuff. Maybe it's cause I've been looking at her work more as of late? Anyway, not sure, and just wondering if anyone can tell me how senses of style develop cause I feel like I just kinda trend after random artists while looking at their stuff and learning from their scraps instead of doing what I should be and learning to develop and create things on my own. It's not that I'm copying them, it's that their styles influence how I learn to art....Anyone know how I can develop more of my own style while still maintaining a leaning regiment?

Lack of activity coming from depression/lack of inspiration


24 February 2014 at 09:13:06 MST

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