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Bad day... tw: injured animal, blood, injury by Andydot

I don't even know what to say... Today was okay but it ended in pure suck. I found a cat on the side of the road, and the poor thing was still alive.... His head was hit, and face was bleeding pretty badly...
All the vet hospitals, even the emergency ones in this town are closed. I feel like a bad person because there's nothing I could do, sans what I did do... Which was get him off the side of the road, bring him home, put him in some old blankets and towels and let him rest in peace on something soft and warm... I purred him to sleep, though he was still breathing really slowly last I checked. Idk. I just feel really shitty. I'm not a vet and none of the vets are open... and I don't have the nerve to do what one someone suggested, which was kill him myself... I just... can't... I'm such a wuss...

Bad day... tw: injured animal, blood, injury


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    ;_; That's soooo sad MARF...we found so many strays on the side of the roads up north that we took in but never one injured...I'm sorry bro :/

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    You did what you could for them. I'm sure, more than anything, they realize and appreciate that a lot more than just being left out in the cold. I'm sorry, though, for both you and the cat having to experience this :c

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    Aww sht. It's horrible that they live in this much pain but at least someone cared to take them in. They could have been there laying on the side of the road dying without anyone to care for them. Some vets open early so I hope that the kitty pulls through. I'm sorry you have to go through all of this but don't feel like a horrible person because you brought in a cat who was injured and gave it whatever care you could. It's still something.
    You said his head was bleeding? Try to search for the wound, apply pressure to it (Dexter, my dumbass clumsy cat, has injured himself in stupid ways where I ended up having to clean him up and help him out, I mean, he is 17 lol)
    Try to check the rest of his body but be gentle (if you don't want to touch him, just look for anything that could look like broken bones). When Dexter gets nasty gouges I take a wet cloth with lukewarm water and I clean around the wound.
    This is just something to tie over until the morning when you can take the kitty to a vet.
    Please let me know how the kitty does. If it's ok. ; ^ ;

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      Ah, I got this a little late...
      He uh... He passed away this morning... I buried him this afternoon under the tree in my back yard... Now comes the hard task of finding/telling the owners, if he has any. He had no broken bones that I could see, possibly fractured cheek (?) and his left eye was swollen badly and bleeding. His jaw may have been broken, or his nose, as he was breathing out of his mouth, and wheezing pretty badly. I'm certain there was internal bleeding... When I found him this morning, there was blood pooled around his mouth.

      _ _ At least he was warm and on blankets when he passed, not on concrete with cars...