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Updates: Hardware, Cons, and SNOOOOW by lonefoxlaughing

I am still LFG for Midwest Furfest! I am seeking carpools and rooms!

I'm still looking for a carpool to Anthrocon, but I may have secured crash space. Hurray!

Carpools I am seeking would preferably originate from the Boston area (I'm a Massachusetts fox), or an area accessible by subway or commuter rail from Boston. :3

I don't have a lot of baggage! I will throw money into gas tanks and room splits! I am generally good company! Enthusiasm! >3

My PC is upgraded and running a lot better with Windows 7 now, so my digital life is back in motion once again... although I'm having some issues with invalid backup .zip files that are frustrating and may result in me having lost some data. But that's life.

Assuming I can find the cable to my scanner, I will be working on and posting a couple of icons made with traditional 2D animation (or I might improvise with camera and lighting, it remains to be seen). I have winter sickies and the weather sucks, so it's time to get some stuff DONE (indoors).


Updates: Hardware, Cons, and SNOOOOW


13 February 2014 at 16:23:04 MST

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