Seeking Donations to the Charity Lottery by NordicFuzzCon

Djurens Ö rescues and rehabilitate animals, based on unpaid volunteer work. Djurens Ö is this year's charity for NordicFuzzCon.

Being "furry" is many things, but one thing that virtually every furry shares is a passion for animals. Donating something to the charity cause is one way of showing passion for animals that need our help.

One of the charity events at NordicFuzzCon is the charity lottery. As an attendee, you can help the charity by buying lottery tickets. But if you are an artist, or someone who sell furry merchandise, you can help by donating something to the lottery.

You do not have to attend NordicFuzzCon to give something, as long as there is a way to get your donation to us in time for the convention.

If you want to contribute, or have any questions, please email:

Thanks for reading!

NFC Charity Crew

Seeking Donations to the Charity Lottery


10 February 2014 at 15:16:33 MST

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