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Rant: Artists by DJTrance

Yeah, this goes with what I've been seeing lately on FurAffinity. Before I get into this, though, I will say something and I will probably repeat this same something about 5 times before the end of the journal.

WHEN it comes to Art Work of any sort, 3D, digital, traditional, etc, there is -No- shortcut to getting good at it. No ones just -born- with natural talent and can draw better than Disney as soon as they pick up a pencil or a tablet pen. No shortcuts, no magic potions, no evil seance, no science...nothing. It takes practice and hard work and RESEARCH and PRACTICE. Oh did I already say that last word?

But, what I've seen lately is journals here on FA, multiple ones, about an artists "Pet Peeve" of people asking them "Hey, what's your brush setting!?" or "Hey, what program do you use?" Just asking curious questions in general that may help them with their own artwork. Apparently these artists who are asked don't like this question and they pretty much tell other artists, or people who would like to put their foot in the door, to baaasically fuck off and figure it out themselves. I'm sorry, as a community, I don't think we should act this way. We're always learning...ALL OF US. Even people like Wolfy-Nail [who has said it himself multiple times that he doesn't get why people buy his "Shit work" and doesn't think his work is all that great.] and I'm sure people who work for Pixar and Disney and the like are their own worst critics as well!

I've seen some elitist artist, and I really think when they stop helping people is where this narcissistic attitude is born. Not only do you refuse help to those who may not have the means, or get confused by online tutorials or a variety of other reasons, but you start getting a big head that "Hey, these people think I'm good enough to I MUST be awesome" and that's when you get people sticking their nose up at the "Lesser" of us and acting like that uber popular cheerleader from high school that everyone hates but secretly admires. I can't stand it. That, ladies and gentleman, is MY Pet Peeve. I can't stand artists who have a big head and snob anyone who asks a question or wishes out loud.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are people out there who get down right emo that they don't have the talent, or THINK they don't. They get mad when you tell them to put in the time like you have and even when you give them some advice, it's not enough. There ARE people like that and if those are the only people you get bugging you, then I"m so sorry, but be patient with them. Tell them that's all the advice you can give them and they will have to figure out the rest on their own. If they get mad or pissy, well then what can you do? LIKE I SAID...

There is NO MAGIC POTIONS, NO RITUALS us artists who have been doing this for a long time do before sitting down to flesh out a piece.

I've been drawing off and on for nearly 14 years, if not more than that, and if I had persevered and practiced more and drawn more everyday, then I could have probably been as good, if not better, than some of the top artists here on FA. But that was my fault. Do I whine about it? Sometimes, but everyone has their bad days. I have wonderful artists who DO help me. I research my pieces, I reference my pieces. There is NOTHING WRONG with referencing your artwork. Da Vinci did it. Michelangelo did it. Pixar does it. Why can't we? We won't know straight from our heads that hey, this is exactly how it should look and just -draw it-. Sometimes Professor Google needs to come into play and help us with a certain pose or the like. It's really why my art takes so long, and I STILL get things wrong.

I always will. I'm always learning.

BUT I will NEVER be one of these unapproachable artists who tell you to fuck off when you ask me a question. I swore that 14 years ago. If I can't help at the moment or it's really not a good time, I'll NICELY let you know that I will help later. And I have people who can vouch for me...I DO help you later. Please, ask me questions, I'll try my BEST to help, but I cannot brew you up a potion to make you have my talent or Wyla's talent or Wolfy-Nails talent in a hour.

Ain't how it works.

Practice Practice Practice

It's really the FUN part of the art and the work behind it if you're really serious about learning.

This is why I wanted to start an art community of like-minded people. People like myself [I'll toot my own horn here] are hard to find anymore because people think they're too good to help. That's utter bullshit. You're not better than me and I'm not better than you.

I guess my momma raised me right >.> /sarcasm

Anyway, I think I've said what I've wanted to...sorry for the spam of journals, just a lot on my mind lately.


Rant: Artists


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