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sighsdeeply by

Sorry to make three angsty posts in a row :c Maybe I should preface my today problems with the joys I have experienced recently

My friends are fucking awesome. I told them I was having issues with my bipolar and every one of them was super nice and helpful and caring. Especially one of them. I love her so much. She is so amazing ; U ; Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa that made me really really happy that they were so great. And, being unstable and hyper-emotional, when she told me that she would help all she could, I broke down into tears. Haha x3
Also, it rained! It rained for like a whole day! ; U ; that was pretty great. I hope it rains some more though. I like the rain. It's lovely.
I'm kinna sore because I spent an hour and a half last night doing front tucks ; o ; But they were hella fun.
And today none of my teachers wanted to do anything so I literally slept and messed around and did nothing all day. That was pretty epic. I could have left early but I don't want to abuse that privilege with my 6th period teacher. If I take that too much, she'll probably say no sometime. That'd be lame. Also I'm kinna behind in that class so she wouldn't be the happiest but she'd let me go anyway.

Okay, so the bad news. My parents are being shitty again. Man, do they have a knack for that. The told me over dinner that they figured out how to get into my account on the site that has grades for school and now they'll be monitoring it. I really wanted to throw something at them. Buuuuuut I have since my younger days learned self-control so I just walked out of the restaurant and took a niiiiiice, long walk. Cuz fuck them. Assholes.
Aaaand my tablet has died :c which means I get to do no art until I figure out how to fix the internal workings or the external workings or just buy a new one which I would rather not do but I might be able to convince my parents to since my birthday is coming up. So. There's that. And because of that I won't be able to work on the three requests I have along with my comic and all of my personal projects sooooo ew :c But hey. I always have my sketchbook. :3
Uhm. Yeah. That's my life right now. Woot! I wonder if people read these. Normally I do this sort of stuff just expecting it to go to the Vastly Limitless Blogosphere without anyone else seeing it, but I do it anyway because it lets me release all that unnecessary angst building up in my teenage system. Uh. Yeah.
Always use a condom. Unless you've both/all been tested and are clean. Then it's your call. Although if you're doing girls that's a different story. Uhm. Yeah. Just words of advice from an inexperienced prick. Ahaha. I don't even know what I'm writing anymore. I should go to bed. :3


Woeps, this sounded really needy :u Sorry :c I didn't mean to do that. You needn't reply to my needy posts. I know you guys read them. I was just saying stuff for the heck of it :c


8 February 2014 at 00:52:59 MST

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    I read it. :u I don't have anything intelligent to contribute, but I did read it!

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      You could always contribute something unintelligent :v //throws chocolate

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    Awwww i'm sorry i do read em, i just don't know what to say really, some people get mad when i say sorry and stuff,
    I hope things get better, it's always good that you have some great friends and rain is very nice.
    I guess your parents are just worried about you if they were anything thing like mine they probably just want you to do well so you can get a job you actually want and not end up like them (sorry i don't know your parents i'm just guessing) Still it's not good to pressure you by monitoring your grades. ... Wait you have 6 periods wow that's strange.

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      Hehe, don't worry. That line was kind of joking. Well. Sorta. xP And don't worry about me being mad :U I appreciate sympathy.
      I know they're worried, but the way they show it is reeeeeeeeeeeally frustrating ;m; I can't wait till college when I don't have to deal with them... Hehe, they want me to do well because they did well. They did really well <: I'm proud of them for that.

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    man can i relate.