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First Thoughts by Acru

Oookay, first journal post go~!

Last October I picked up a 'new' tablet off e-bay to replace an old one that predated USB and thus was unusable on a modern computer, and I have since had a renewed interest in doing art, producing a fair number of digital pieces, much more than the average over previous years. I've been doing traditional art for a long time, really, but keeping it to myself unless you happened to meet me IRL at some point.

I felt it was time to start posting my art, and along with that I made a sort of new years resolution to do so in earnest. During the month of January I have posted a number of things that I am happy with, not perfect as seen by my artist eyes but out there for others to enjoy, and so I might in return receive encouragement to continue producing arts~

But still looming in the back of my mind is the large backlog of traditional art that I have produced on and off over the years, and that few people have ever seen. The quality of these older pieces vary greatly, but I believe there is content in there that should be shared as well. So as of a couple weeks ago I started going through it all, trying to decide which items to post.

This turned out to be a tough judgement, and thereby delayed my submission of new art. I found many pieces that showed potential if they were only finished or otherwise edited, but also a large number of doodles that were cute and all but perhaps not substantial enough to be submitted on their own. Also, if I were to start digitally editing old work, the question arises how the work should be dated... Okay not a big deal but a nagging detail to me.

In any case, I have taken one of my best vs. oldest pieces, and after a fair bit of trying this and that I decided to replace the original background, but still leave the original creation date on it. For anything with more substantial changes I may change the date and post the original as a Scrap.

I still have quite a large backlog of traditional art to organize and post, but I hope to take care of it in the coming months while still working on new digital pieces. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the art I have already submitted, and do please give me feedback and/or encouragement as I need all that I can get to keep motivated~!

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