My phone died. Help anyone? by TheScatterbrain

Random inquiry, but my phone is doing weird things and I don't know how to fix it, ugh.

It's a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. It seems like it keeps rebooting when I try to turn it on. It shows the Sony Ericsson start-up screen, then goes blank and keeps looping like that. It doesn't react to anything, not even attempts to switch it off again.
Has anyone had this issue and know if there's anything to do about it?

The only advice I've been able to find is to use Sony's PC Companion client to update the phone, but it won't even register on my computer, probably since it's rebooting all the time.

Eh, I've been running around trying to find an old phone I've kept for situations like this so I can at least call people. Why do these things always happen late at night when you need to go to bed? Bleh, I better go sleep. Hope I can find something out tomorrow, I don't have money for a new phone right now, please don't be perma-dead :/

My phone died. Help anyone?


5 February 2014 at 18:03:49 MST

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    Awe man, that sucks so much.
    And not just at night, but also while you're standing around in boxes - aka everything is even harder to find than normal.

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    If you haven't read this already, maybe try it? There's a few solutions in the comments.

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    You should be able to put your phone into flash-mode by turning it off, and then plugging in the USB cable while holding the volume-down button. You should then be able to re-flash the device with one of the official firmware packages.

    If worse comes to worst, the Moto G is a pretty good phone and only $180.