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Tattoo update by Chewbacca

So I just thought I stopped over at Skin Candy, just so I wouldn't let Dave in the wind and gave him an update on my progress.
I was nervous as fuck, sounded like a moron trying to explain on who I was and "I called you back in December" and couldn't think of what type of art I drew to give him an example, so glad my mom was with me that time to help talk things out.
He recognized me by my star wars name and loved my 'scary' work.
Told him I was on my 12th print for my portfolio and thought instead of having $1000 up front, I could do it in payments.

He didn't say anything for couple of seconds, which seemed like hours for me.
He then said, "You don't need the money. Other places will charge you, but we don't. And I've already seen your work so a portfolio is not necessary. I love your work."

My gut dropped. I think he's giving me a huge break.

He then asked me, "Do you want to be a tattoo artist?" Of course I said yes. "Then I'm going to give you a call tomorrow to work things out."
He wants to hire me. oh my god.OH MY GOD!
I got work tomorrow. So I don't know. We'll make it work. Probably call him back during lunch.

But oh my god my hands they can't stop shaking. I so excited and speechless. Just. OH MY GOD!

Tattoo update


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