FurAffinity and Weasyl: A Plea by honorablethief

I feel like writing this journal after seeing one of FA's more well-known detractors lamenting how people are starting to go back, and they themselves may have to crawl on their hands and knees to get unbanned. Many artists joined up here, but the sad part is that not enough commissioners also made the trip over.

This is really disheartening to hear. I know the "good guys" don't always win, but the odds are really stacked against us if this is the way it's going. This is FA's biggest, most offensive fuck up in it's history, but people just don't care. If THIS didn't do it, short of a total website data wipe, NOTHING will stop them.

As such, I just have a couple things I want to address:

To artists: I don't blame anyone that wants to go back. I'm never going back if I can help it, but art isn't my source of income. I just plead to you to at least attempting to cross post things. Every minute you are less active here increases people's shallow justifications for never coming here. Please help this site grow.

To commissioners who wanna stay here: COMMISSION ARTISTS HERE. Please do! Don't head back to FA if they aren't super responsive here. Find out their e-mails or other sites, tell them you found them on Weasyl! If you want to commission an artist on FA, tell them to contact them here or via e-mail, saying you won't be active on FA much. Please, anything to get the word out.

To artists and commissioners who stay on FA because of a bias against Weasyl or it's users: I'm not here to villainize you. I know a lot of people are calling you heinous shit because you can't afford to leave the site. That isn't right. I have done so in the past and I deeply regret it. Please, don't let harsh words taint your view of an artsite that is evolving as we speak. Give it another chance, please. You don't have to choose one or the other if both feel viable to you.

To people who can't leave because of all the extra work it will take: I'm really sorry. there are a lot of good crossposters for art out there (you can find journals with links to those in my favs), but finding artists you once followed is still tricky and writers still have a bitch of a time here. that said, at least in terms of the writers, the staff is WELL AWARE of the issues. They are going to work on making it less cumbersome to post stories here, and unlike FA, I actually am more trusting with them than Neer's crew.

To people who say Project Phoenix will fix everything: No it won't. Even if it actually happens, which is extremely unlikely, it will still be run by THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE. It will have the SAME problems, if not MORE, except now you'll have folders. whoopee. If this were a company you invested in, you'd FIRE their asses, and for a lot of artists, FA IS their business hub. It's not JUST an art site, and despite claims to the contrary, it IS functionally Furry Facebook. None of this shit would fly anywhere else.

And finally, to the people relishing that they were right to ride it out and FA will has its precious user base back once the "drama" was over: All I have to say is what I said in my last FA journal:

Just remember: [people coming back to FurAffinity] will not be doing so because FA is a better site, or that the community at large is better, or that the staff are in any way competent and/or justified in anything that they have done or will do in the future. It'll be because too many people are willing to forgive all the terrible, shady, borderline illegal behavior of its owners, and unfortunately, artists have to eat. I refuse to believe, short of a total staff overhaul, that anything will ever, ever change.

That's all I have to say. Thank you.


FurAffinity and Weasyl: A Plea


2 February 2014 at 17:38:02 MST

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    I agree wholeheartedly. I do get it but still... such a shame :/

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    I think you might be getting a little ahead of yourself. I still see the same amount of unique submissions (not reposts of old submissions) to Weasyl as FA, with a quarter the watchlist.

    The activity here is still strong, and I haven't noticed it slowing or artists giving up. I think the transition will just be slower than you expect, and will likely complete with another incident or two.

    For now most people are content to maintain a presence on both sites, until things swing definitively in favor of one or the other, at least from what I've read from all of the journals on both sites. No need to be so alarmist quite yet.

    From what I can tell, all the things you've suggested are already being practiced by those who favor Weasyl over FA. It's just a matter of those undecided to be swayed the rest of the way eventually.

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      I hope so. I mean, morally, I can't stand the idea of making FA my "main" ever again.

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    can you please fill me in on this furaffinity thing because all I know is that people kept leaving or started cross posting and I don't know why

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      Long story short, several really dumb and offensive things happened at FA all at once and it became the final straw for a lot of people.

      1. The massive downtime that happened a while back, though I'm sure you are aware.
      2. The group of volunteers they got to build a better FA were LITERALLY FORGOTTEN as Dragoneer recruited Zaush to rebuild the site.
      3. Zaush then belittled and bullied the original team when Neer combined the new and old groups and threw out the their plans for the site for a much shittier one.
      4. People then started getting angry about Zaush having a position of power on the site when he is known as a manipulative, sexist sleazebag that takes advantage of women sexually and forces them to not use a condom. The loudest ones got banned and their posts were edited in secret when they posted evidence for this. People who aggressively attacked people on Zaush/Neer's side were untouched.
      5. DESPITE ALL OF THIS, EVEN AFTER ALL THE RAGE HE HAS CAUSE AND CLAIMING FA HAD A NEUTRAL STANCE, Neer STILL would rather suffer the worst PR train wreck I have ever seen than kick one of his buddies off his staff.

      Bonus: Many users on FA showed their true colors as sexist pigs that thinks sexual assault isn't a big deal, that it was the women trying to get attention (even though the way we learned was through leaked notes, not a public statement), and that the site's admins could be MASS MURDERERS as long as they get their furry porn (not even joking, someone literally said that)

      If you want a long explanation of it all, I recommend this: http://ransomdracalis.tumblr.com/post/73812511079/burn-fa-to-the-ground-and-shit-on-its-ashes-im-gone

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    Wow, that is a bunch of bull, for them I mean. Sad to see a site like that suffer because of something like that; but in the end people still leave or crosspost now. The best part for me though is that I learned that some people I watched were already here and this event made me find out

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      Hopefully I am overacting about people moving back. This whole incident leaves my mouth all dirty.

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    I've been making an effort by posting the majority of my art on this site exclusively.

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      Good! I'm glad to see that. You are kinda a big deal in inflation circles.

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    I've slowly been working on getting all the people I watch over there watched over here. It's a slow process because I don't have the time for it in one sitting. but it's getting there. about halfway done.