Weasyl. I am in you. by DracoOfZeradaith

...Wow. You can rate journals here? That's certainly different. Although with my musings, it should be understood that the things that spew forth from my brain are generally very explicit in nature. And I kinda dig the whole followers/followees/friends thing. If I friended you and you simply don't want to be, it's okay to say no, I guess. grin Yer loss.

So... yeah, here I am. Took me long enough, I suppose. I'm currently working through the list of people I follow on FA (using SOFT, so before you offer the link - already got it, thanks :D), and it has occurred to me that I follow quite a few (1,170 as of this journal). Thankfully (?) not all of them have a Weasyl account, so I should be able to cut back on a fair number of them. Also, I find it funny that "Weasyl" is not a recognized term by the site's dictionary. You'd think they'd have added that in.

Alright, so... gonna be uploading all the stuff I have to my FA here soon enough, so watch for that. I'm not leaving FA by any stretch of the imagination, so I'll try very hard to be as active as I can on both sites.

Also -- I'm in the market for a banner. So anyone who you'd recommend to make me something kickass, please leave your comments below :3

Gonna wrap this up. I'm still only in the "A"s of my FA-followees and I have a long way to go. :P


EDIT: Also -- if I've followed you on FA but don't seem to have followed you here yet on Weasyl and you want to correct that, shout at me! There are so many of you :C Thanks!

Weasyl. I am in you.


2 February 2014 at 06:11:04 MST

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