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People, Things and Stuff! by lonefoxlaughing

Cross-posted from my other homes, Holmes. B3

So! LFG Midwest FurFest! XD

Also possibly looking for people going to Anthrocon this summer, though that's less of a definite because of a potential trip to see friends in Maryland/Delaware I'm also trying to plan.

If you, or anyone you know happens to be going to MFF in December, I am looking for people to ride and/or crash with (doesn't have to be the same group, but it could be)! I do not have a car of my own, but if there's a group making a road trip from New England, I would love to chip in gas (and or room) money to get to and fro!

Also, LFG Anthrocon- same deal with trying to find a ride and/or room, and with sharing gas and/or hotel $$ burden. Anyone from the New England area going and not mind a tag-along?

I'm not a fursuiter, so I wouldn't have more than a backpack and a messenger bag of baggage, also. :3

Specifically, I live in Massachusetts near Boston- which means I can bus/train/commuter rail to a number of places if it helps.

On less cheery notes, my desktop PC and macbook are both apparently failing after several years of use, so I may not be online much for a bit- though hopefully I'll have at least one of them stable enough to check back in a few days. Minor setbacks, anyway. c:

People, Things and Stuff!


1 February 2014 at 18:05:57 MST

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