The weekend has arrived. Where do sketches go? by Kigs

Where do sketches go in this gallery? Do people even want to see sketches on weasyl, ornis it aimed more towards finished peices?

This is a question for fellow artists, as well as watchers. I am still getting used to this website's format and appreciate the fedback.

The weekend has arrived. Where do sketches go?


1 February 2014 at 11:37:27 MST

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    There's a section for sketches. I don't mind looking at them. Sometimes they look really nice.

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    When you submit a picture in subcategories there is a sketch option for there there. I had to go peek to find it, but I knew it was there. :)

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    Just make a folder for them?!?

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    Basically with the way the folder system is set up, you can put your sketches wherever you want. You can designate a folder for "sketches/scraps," and you can set it so that it won't display thumbnails from that folder on your main gallery page, AND you can even set it so that your followers won't get inbox announcements when you upload to it. Basically you can customize the crap out of your account.