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Slight Fursona Change by Crossed-Unversed

I was sketching Raptor in class and decided to make a slight design change. Nothing major, just his hair.
Sadly, it won't at all match the page full of Fehrr-Raptor sketches I've drawn recently in my sketchbook, because I made this decision today and those sketches are from a couple days ago.

I'm shortening his hair slightly and changing the color to blue-green. Well, many shades of blue if truth be told. Why?
I want his hairstyle to match mine (or what I really want to get but am not allowed to have) whether he's in androgynous, male, or female form. I've stuck to blue hair for almost a year now, and so I want to change his hair to blue as well. Eventually it might change back to the red shade it is, with deeper red tips. It might not. For now I will be changing it to blue.

I'll probably change it on the reference sheet soon. I don't really feel like making a new reference any time soon though.

Slight Fursona Change


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