My value as an artist, according to Valve... by PhillipChanter

For the December sales of "Nice Crate Keys", that being the 20th to the 31st, one measly little picture, one teeny tiny picture done by a simple comic book artist who is practically a nobody is fucking worth... >:[


Holy shit! Although I honestly think that when it comes to TF2's smissmas event... hardly anybody is buying the nice crate keys, it's all about opening the Naughty Crates and getting those strange festives. But you know what, for the amount of effort I put into this, I'm quite shocked at how much valve thinks this picture is worth, and January sales have not come in yet.. Not quite the vast amount that the actual hard working modelers make (this is only a meer 20% profit mind you, I'm just a concept artist), and just a tad bit under what I expected the minimum to be ($500), but I am satisfied and want to get more stuff into the game. I think that if I get more stuff in over time, I can make a decent living, right now this isn't too impressive, so I need to start up commissions here. Here's what I'm doing right now and my current plans.

  1. More uploads onto here and tumblr! Right now, I'm still moving stuff over from furaffinity, mainly the stuff that I'm satisfied with, not in an egotistical mindset, just me finding out what I feel had some effort put into it and isn't something I'm embarrassed showing to others.

  2. More Team Fortress 2 concept art! If my art on average is worth $400 to $500, I'm going to want to contribute more so that I can make a decent living and not be a total leach for the rest of my life. The problem is however that I need to make stuff that is top quality, otherwise people won't be wanting what I'm making.

  3. More Angry Joe Show Comics! I have to pull myself out of hiatus on it, write down more comic ideas, and begin drawing! Got to motivate myself more and kick it up a notch! Plus I feel guilty for having neglected it for so long.

  4. A return of Alexandria! I'm looking back at those 12 pages and thinking I have improved over time, so this is inspiring me to take another shot at it. However I really need to get to writing down ideas for this as well, flesh out my world, think of new characters, new situations, etc... I want Alexandria to be a fun world that others would be interested in reading about, but to do that I have to really improve upon it.

  5. More commissions! I've had a lot of support from my friends, but I'd like to keep working and slowly rebuild my fanbase here so that I can get more work.

  6. Experiments with making videos! I've always wanted to make some informative videos on how to play TF2, and since I do work alongside Angry Joe, I might be able to gather up some viewers. If all turns out well enough, I'll make game reviews for the site!

That's about it! Kind of a big set of goals, but it would start to give me a decent living while also branching out and being more social. Valve has given me an opportunity that I intend to use to my advantage, if my art has value in the eyes of somebody, I'm going to keep drawing!

My value as an artist, according to Valve...


31 January 2014 at 14:28:12 MST

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    Congrats on the payoff and good luck with all your plans! I'm glad to see things are looking up for you.

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    dude! awesome! sounds like a really awesome plan ahead! Im rootin for ya!

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    Hell yeah, dude! That's super exciting news! Valve is one of the big corporations that's weirdly not completely awful at valuing people. Must be their self-organizing internal structure. Anyway!

    Congrats on the opportunities you're seeing in front of you. I hope it all pans out quickly and profitably. :3

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    Congrats. I was still surprised when my book payment check came in. Was only 20$, but I still made money selling a novel!

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    How exciting! I wish you luck in your pursuits; It sounds as if they are already gaining momentum!