News/THANKS and My Game Project Plight... and MUGEN by VinVulpis

Before I go on about the project, I'll start with the other stuff.

Firstly. I'd like to say thanks to people who quickly responded to help me out! D: You guys are awesome. I have friends out here too who had my back helping out too, and it makes me feel great to know that people are looking out. It makes me happy. All the stuff is pretty much done on our end with smashed window, and sometime down the line, this guy will be payin for it (though we still have to cover it for now, the payback probably will take a couple months) You guys helped prevent a set-back.

Thank you thank you! I'm gonna be sending out approval sketches by some time later tonight. (and I'll be finishing up a couple other pics that have needed finishing)

So... about my project and MUGEN.

It's essentially dying, or hanging on barely, with me really being the only one working on it, which defeats me. I can't case people who've volunteered the help, but it's just a shame to have a revolving door like I've experienced. I really can't blame people so much as it's just not their passion like it is for me.

I'm pretty much down to nothing after months of planning.

Now, I'm not exactly going to quit, but I'm not expecting -any- of the original team's plans to follow up and I'm pretty much dropping the notion of doing this in Unity.... UNLESS this guy I've been chatting with... who's actually been the most realistic and down to earth person I've talked to about this is considering helping me after to thinks on it, and experiments a little bit with some animation assets I gave to him. He's considering taking it up as a side project. Unity is expensive and I'm honestly not going to count on raising the money to pay for the licensing when I can't hold onto help much. This new guy I've been talking to is looking at some options and will get back to me this weekend on the matter.

As for myself, I'm considering the original plans officially -dead- until further notice.

BUT I'M NOT ACTUALLY QUITTING IT. Though I'm just going to have to settle on my limitations of not being able to actually do any real programming, and will probably just put my work for this project into MUGEN until an opportunity to go further comes up (if at all).

It's just a shame, because:

  • I can't do story things like I wanted too... MUGEN can't really do much story telling.
  • I cannot to rival or character specific battles.
  • MUGEN cannot really handle tag team mechanics. The SIMUL MODE can SORTA be rigged... but it will be reduced and/or broken because you cannot give real control to the P3 and P4 character objects.... at least not without some long string of scripting that'd be a huge pain in the butt that would force the tag partner to loose "CRTL" and be controlled by FULL SCREEN HITBOX commands... which also creates slowness and other problems, mainly with responsiveness, but also taxing on the engine to have STAGE SIZED HITBOXES.

  • The best I can probably do is a striker/assist system with the locked CPU character.... I COULD come up with some creative things for that, but... it's not the same character to character teamwork I had wanted. Though it could create some interesting customization... I donno.

  • Cannot do interactive stage things in MUGEN, such as platforms, breakable objects, proper ceiling elements, and ring-out control.

  • I cannot SELL this work.

But, it's just something I'm gonna have to settle with for now, and hope I have chances to do something real with it later on. Maybe there are other ways I can tell the stories of these characters... I donno.


No... I'm not taking any... probably ever.

It's too much work. Just too much work, far too much that I would be able to probably get paid for. I doubt anyone would pay me a few hundred dollars for it, because it's the only way I'd fine it worth it at this point, and the other issue is, that if I take on making characters for other people, I'll never get my own characters done, and until the day that I might be able to live off of my art... I just do not have to time. I want to get my own characters done.

If you are still someone who hasn't gotten a refund, please contact me. I will arrange a refund, or some other plan for you. I feel like such a let down that I had to drop all of that work, but I just have too... I'm incapable of doing it by myself.

I will offer stage cameos into the stage work I do for MUGEN and/or future project opportunities.

I might consider doing something collaborative in MUGEN if anyone out there can/is interested, but I honestly want to do something that I can at least make a little money for my work for trying to put out a game for people. It's a passion of mine, yeah, but I always need the money... I suppose the best I could do is take TIPS for the work... but. Meh.

I'll make more announcements about the project later on if anything does develop, but that's what I got for now, as things stand.

News/THANKS and My Game Project Plight... and MUGEN


30 January 2014 at 11:11:21 MST

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    Haha, there's a reason I'm sticking to ren'py/VN style coding for now (as I barely even know that)- so I completely empathize with you. I hope you can find someone who can help out! Good luck with everything~