Oh right! An introduction... by Vappyflame

...........okay so that felt a bit awkward. Well, I'm kinda preoccupied with a few things. My time is usually guzzled by daily errands, but right now I'm recovering from having two of my wisdom teeth removed. Good thing I've prepared early.... I guess...

Anywho, what to say about me until I get my lazy butt to update the profile... welp, I'm a veteran gamer and a furry from New York. I have a deep love for games, music, art, and cute things! I also love humor, even some dark comedy (and NO, I don't mean the overused memes that are meant for pure spite and malice, fuck those). I'm also a writer (who often lacks the motivation) and mostly an observer.

I'm sorry if it's not much of an introduction, but it is better than being fully lazy by copy-pasting my outdated profiles on the webpages that I'm known on. Right now I have dinner to tend to, then after reading the submission policy, I'll get to flooding the gallery. Later!

Oh right! An introduction...


29 January 2014 at 18:56:10 MST

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