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Stream changes! by SwooshyCueb

I'm going to be making a few changes to the way I do streams. First and foremost I'm going to be switching to a service hosted by a friend. My page will remain the same, but the actual rtmp service will no longer be hosted with Twitch and I'm going to be trying a variety of different players for the stream. As much as I like Twitch and JTV, it's not exactly the the right place for me. Rus is no longer on staff at Twitch so I don't really have much of a reason to be there any more.

Actually, you know what? That whole bit about the page remaining the same is only half-true. I've recently acquired the domain and I'm going to be moving a lot of stuff there, including my stream pages. There have also been a few routing issues between AT&T customers and my webhost, so I'm going to move it to my VPS for the time being as well. Hopefully I can figure out ngix so I can get away from apache.

As well, the chat overlay will be making a return! But not for all streams. I've got Linux running again, which means I can use libav for streaming from Linux. I still can't do this for streams from Windows. YET! Eventually I'll be publishing the scripts I use for Linux.

As well as well, the owner of my IRC network has expressed his desire to rebrand the service, which means we'll eventually be changing domains for that, too. This shouldn't affect you guys too much. Just refresh if the chat isn't working.

So what does this mean for you?

  1. You need to read the pre-stream notice. If you don't you aren't going to know what to do if it doesn't work. Furthermore I rely on YOU, the viewer, to know when stuff on my end isn't working. The notice changes every so often so I've made sure to put a last updated date on the top of the page. FUCKING PAY ATTENTION TO THIS SHIT. IT'S IMPORTANT.
  2. Eventually the stream page is going to move. You'll still be able to reach it by going to provided that your DNS cache isn't being a bitch. This change won't take effect for a while, though.
  3. No archived streams for a while. This is only temporary.
  4. You won't have to worry about accidentally clicking on the video and being taken to a different page.
  5. You may need to refresh the stream page. A lot. In my observations the player I'm going to be working with at first does not like it when I have to stop and restart the stream, and a simple pause/play doesn't always fix this. I'm working on getting around that though.
  6. If you are having troubles with the stream and can't tell me using the chat, post on my profile here. I need to know about these things so I can fix them.

Thank you for your time.

Stream changes!


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