Pencil or Tablet? by Trickof-themind

Alright, so at the moment I'm drawing this picture for a point commission on dA. This customer happens to ask for one of my traditional commissions. It's a real change for me since the last few months I have focused more on my digital work and as I'm working on it, I see some real difference.

I find sketching out my ideas to be much easier with a pencil. I feel that I have more control and my proportions look much better. I also don't have to press my face closer to the paper to make sure my lines come out smooth. It's also a bit of a time saver, since I don't have to sit in one place to work on it. I can take it where ever I want and continue working on it without to much of a hassle. I can also lay down some shadows by smudging the image so I can get an idea of where my light is. It's great.

Though in terms of coloring, I already know it will be harder. I don't have the pleasure of ctrl + z or being able to color large spaces in a short amount of time ( I use color pencils). I don't have as many colors to work with and I find blending my colors to be more difficult. I also don't have the layer modes that I love best about digital work. I find I have to keep shifting around whatever light source I use to make sure my colors come out alright when I take a photo (scanning is just a mess I would rather not deal with).

I'm sure there are a lot more pros and cons I can blather on about, but that could eliminate the chance for a discussion. So, what do you guys think? Is digital art your preference or is it traditional? Also what tools do you use for either?

Pencil or Tablet?


27 January 2014 at 07:21:47 MST

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    I actually use both Traditional and digital because for me its easier to sketch first in paper than to sketch it right away in the laptop.