Commissions will be open at 14:00(2pm)GMT on Tuesday 28th January by greenendorf

Just copy-pasted from FA so that folks here can see it:
Feel free to contact me here regarding commissions when they open. I'll be offering slots to people here as well as FA.

If you're interested, please make sure you read the commission info because it has some pointers on how to get slots, what I'm willing to draw, prices, etc.:

  • Commission info: sure to compile any references and descriptions of what you would like so that they're ready to post.(I aim to port all that information over here at some point.)

2pm GMT is about 6am PST, 9am EST, and 3pm CET. There will be 5 slots, with the possibility of maybe one or two more* -- please do not send commission details until the new journal has been posted.
*(If the status in the profile section reads 'full', no new slots will be taken at that time.)
coach fifth one and syndaquit If you can't make the time above, comment on this journal and I'll make some arrangements.

No slot reservations. There are two people who I've promised them to, and they'll be the only exceptions. I hate sounding bossy, but please bear this in mind.

Thank you for reading, and also thank you to everyone who's welcomed me here.

Commissions will be open at 14:00(2pm)GMT on Tuesday 28th January


27 January 2014 at 07:13:44 MST

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