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Hello Hello! by Clove

Hello Weasyl!

I am not so new at being on sites of artistic showing off, however I am not as well 'known' or so I gather. If I am most that do know me from sites such as Furcadia, Deviantart and Furaffinity! I came here hoping to make some more friends and increase my repertoire in the artsy fartsy world - human or anthro wise. (whoo fancy words)

So far, I really like this site though with it's customization such as banners and showing commission prices. However I cannot compare it to others such as Nabyn. (I do not have account with them lol). But against DA and FA I'd have to say this site is the bombdiggity since I no longer feel like a small fish in a giant pond. :3 So I hope it doesn't turn out to be a giant popularity contest like those other sites.

I have already posted my commission prices after trying to learn the system and made some nice folders for my art. Soon - when I am not inevitably swamped with college work and retail job-isms I will make a nifty, sparkly banner and icon for myself. And post more of my art and knittish here (hopefully).


Hello Hello!


30 October 2012 at 00:05:07 MDT

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