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What's your real name?
Caitlin Cheyenne Crawford

How tall are you?
5'4". I'm a shortie <3

What's your natural hair color?

What's your eye color?
It varies, but usually blue, grey, or green.

What's your orientation?
Love is Love :)

Are you single, taken or undecided?
Taken since August 7th, 2013, baby! ;)

What do you do in your sparetime?
Draw, fursuit, and watch reruns of Futurama and Full house.

What's your job or occupation?
I babysit :P I'll soon be working for Ameritech filing papers and whatnot. SNORE! Oh, and I occasionally volunteer!

What do you like about yourself?
My eyes. My boobs. My butt. WHAT?! xD

What do you dislike about yourself?
Stretchmarks and scars. My bellybutton. My thighs. My butt. xD

What did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
My friends assumed I was one of the snooty popular girls who are just plain mean, so they were afraid to even look at me. #Fierce

What is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
I'm a Christian. <3

Do you drink?
Never have, and don't plan to. c:

Do you smoke?
Nope. I can't stand people who smoke because they think it's 'cool'. Honey, you reek and your teeth are yellowing because you want to meet a twisted society's false standards of the word 'cool'.

What are your major fears?
My major fears consist of losing my family, friends, or anyone else close to me, being abandoned, and moths. Have you ever seen those things?! ABSOLUTELYTERRIFYING.

Do you have any dreams or goals?
Well, I want to graduate early and go on to Texas Christian University, Texas A&M, or Grand Canyon University. Get a degree in teaching, and make an impact on a student like a teacher did to me. I want to volunteer more often. Donate more time and money into things that actually positively impact people. I want to go to SOCKS and help assist the homeless in the DFW area. I want to impact people. I want to make a difference. Stop someone from ending their life. Become the first Woman to be President. Cure cancer. I don't know. I want to make this world a better place even if I die trying.

Have you ever had a crush or an ex?
Yes, but I mean who hasn't?

Who's your best buddy?
Mary! Kate! Athena! Lily! Brandi! Chase! Chris! Conner! Karoline! I'm not sure :) I've been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, it's hard to choose.

What's your favorite dish?
I love fried rice with a passion. Oh, and I consume tomatoes like they're going out of style.

What's your favorite drink?
Sweet tea or Dr. Pepper!

What's your favorite color?
Orange :3

If you had a super power, what would it be?
I don't need a super power :3

What's your favorite movie?

What's your least favorite food?
Mushrooms. Onions. Anything with Mayo.

What's the last meal you want before you die?

What do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
I drive a 2014 Mazda Miata MX-5 with a hardtop. I'd like a lambo. :3

What is your most disliked bug?
I mentioned this in a prior answer.

and moths. Have you ever seen those things?! ABSOLUTELYTERRIFYING.

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?
First off, I can't stand it when people dumb themselves down to be popular. I'd rather have brains, beauty, a high GPA, and a low rank on the popularity scale instead of vice versa.
Secondly, I don't like liars, theives, cheaters, etc. Be honest. Don't steal. Cheating isn't cool.
Thirdly, I don't know if anyone can relate, but I REALLY don't like teachers who try to be 'popular', so they sacrifice actually teaching us to have students like them. Goodness no. You shouldn't get payed to just stand here and pretend to do a lesson while everyone is on their phones texting. Just UGH.
Lastly, I can't stand people who 'talk ghetto' because they think that's cool. Honey, I'm certain you received an education, take advantage of it and use it to get a job or something. Don't act like an idiot or else I'll personally sit you down and give you a lesson on "Proper English 101".

What do you dislike in life?
I dislike how judgmental and close-minded society is. You're too fat, lose weight. Omg, did you see her, is she like anorexic now?! Go kill yourself, I hate you. I can't believe she's gone! She was such a beautiful soul and an amazing girl, I was blessed to know her.

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