Car window blown out by asshole. Commissions wanted. by VinVulpis

So, left work early tonight because while picking up some food for Ryn and I and a co-worker across the street from our job... some disgruntled asshole attacked us over a traffic jam in the parking lot. Weather was bad, streets were bad, and a line wrapped around the building made this all the more difficult. We accidentally pulled behind some guy who wanted to pull out of a space, and were going to back away... but without even a second thought, this guy gets out and yells at us and proceeds to pull on the window, shattering it.

Well, after some threats and a police report, we ended up leaving work early and patching up the window, gotta see about gettin it fixed tomorrow.

We're gettin some help, but if anyone is interested in gettin a commission from me, I could use the funds, thanks to this nonsense.

We are fine, hopefully that ass gets caught. The situation is just beyond stupid and well, costing money now.

I'd like a couple of commissions to help out. Thanks in advance.

Car window blown out by asshole. Commissions wanted.


26 January 2014 at 01:44:02 MST

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    well, you should be getting that repaired for free
    thats how an aggressive attack works

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      Well, we wouldn't see anything from it for a while, and we just recently moved and haven't picked up new insurance yet. We were trying to float a bit to save up a little more before picking that up, but yeah, that's our fault for not doing that sooner. They bag this guy, we might get something for it. We are gettin hooked up by a couple friends of might to get a really good deal on gettin it replaced.

      Figures that when we try to float for a tiny bit, the one time we actually need it, we don't have it. Needless to say, we're gonna be gettin that taken care of now.