It's dangerous to go alone, read this! by ticky

So we're on Weasyl now, cool!

Here's a rundown of useful things to know;


The search is a bit wacky in that it looks for things with any keyword by default, so if you're searching for something with multiple keywords, you need to use + to join them, e.g. foo +bar. You can also exclude stuff with a -; foo -bar. Handy to know. There is a full reference for the search system but it's not linked from the search page.


You can submit things without notifying followers by checking the "Don't generate notifications for my followers for this submission" box. This is handy if you're migrating lots of stuff over and don't want to bother people with lots of notices for things they've already seen


Categories don't exist, so tagging is important!
Weasyl won't let you post without at least two tags, but that actually seems like a bit of a small limit. Be descriptive, and make sure you add stuff like species and styles (this isn't at the core a furry site, so including anthro is helpful to do if that's what you're posting!)

You can block tags or users from appearing anywhere on the site while you're logged in! A fantastic feature which will make browsing a little less dangerous. Now we just need to get people to use descriptive tags on their work! Speaking of which...

You can tag others' work.
Simply click the "Modify" link above the tag list, and you can add or remove tags from the submission. If something is missing a relevant tag, add it! Don't abuse this privilege or the administrators will take it away from you, but it's a great way to help people to find or hide stuff!

Support and Bugs

Weasyl's administrative team seem friendly and their support staff appear to be up at all sorts of crazy hours of the night!
If you have a problem, just email support! (They're super helpful and lovely <3)

There's a bug/feature request tracker available (requires a separate login) which is a good place to post stuff you think the site does wrong, or should do.


I'm really enjoying using Weasyl and I hope you are too. :)

It's dangerous to go alone, read this!


25 January 2014 at 19:29:10 MST

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