Iron Artist + raffle! by RadCatBlakat

Since I want to try and do at least one digital art piece a day but don't have enough interest in making personal art(sadly) I deccided to open commissions in the form of an Iron Artist challenge with a raffle to go with it!

So here are all the details you need to know:

The prices listed are cheaper than my usual prices since I am looking to get a lot of them(200 slots). I'm going to try and draw one commission a day or more if I can manage depending on my schedule!

And yus there's quite a bit of fun prizes that you could potentially win from the raffle that goes with it :3 Just read all the details in the link I provided above and note me if you're interested in a commission! ^w^

This will obviously be a very long raffle so it won't be affecting my suit work until the raffle itself and all owed digital work is completed X3 Then I will make time to work on the raffle prizes along with any suit work I am working with at that time.

So yup if you're interested, make a journal and then note me with anything you'd like to commission! You can commission however many slots you'd like whenever you'd like. I will stop accepting commissions when all 200 slots are filled!!

Iron Artist + raffle!


25 January 2014 at 10:51:29 MST

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