me meme by giraffitti

✖what's your real name?
genevieve, genevi, gene, gena, w/e
✖how tall are you?
✖what's your natural hair color?
i keep thinking it's brown but people tell me it's black
(probably because i never go outside anymore ha)
✖what's your eye color?
dark brown
✖what's your orientation?
sexually attracted to males, romantically attracted to all genders
✖are you single, taken or undecided?
sorry ladies this dream boat is taken off the market toot toot
✖what do you do in your spare time?
lurk on the internet and play video games mostly,
unless i get dragged out into society by my boyf.
✖what's your job or occupation?
right now i either help out at my cousin's cleaning business
or at my boyfriend's restaurant, also commissions.
i did work at gamestop for almost 3 years? but fuck that place.
✖what do you like about yourself?
i feel that my interests are well-rounded and i can adapt to different
social situations pretty easily. also i can reach the top shelf no probalo.
✖what do you dislike about yourself?
my gut, how angry i let myself get from witnessing injustices, and
my ability to dodge responsibilities hahaha
✖what did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
a lot of people say that i'm cool but i just don't see it?????
✖what is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
i believe in a creator, whether it's god, allah, w/e who knows,
but i don't consider myself religious. maybe spiritual? idk.
✖do you drink?
only at partiesss
✖do you smoke?
cigarettes (until they legalize cannabis that is hahaha 42014blazeit)
✖what are your major fears?
never reaching my potential, having my hands crushed, coming home
to my dogs dying/dead.
✖do you have any dreams or goals?
i'd really love to study animation abroad, japan or mexico or europe, but
for now i guess just moving to cali and getting picked up by
cartoon network or riot, idk small stuff.
✖have you ever had a crush or an ex?
like 2-30-902=aue039209 of them
✖who's your best buddy?
probably my bf hahahaha lame i know
✖what's your favorite dish?
probably shabu shabu, just cooking all of your favorites right in front of you
and sharing with other people, y'know? it's just such a feel good atmosphere.
✖what's your favorite drink?
mostly fruity/sweet blended stuff like bubble tea, milk tea, smoothies, etc.
✖what's your favorite color?
ugh, i fucking love all colors, but right now i'm really into light, unsaturated
colors and pastels.
✖if you had a super power, what would it be?
flight. ever since i was little i've had a painful want to fly.
✖what's your favorite movie?
i'm a big movie buff so there's way too many to name. LotR is definitely in
the top ten, along with kiki's delivery service, star dust, role models, and you are umasou.
✖what's your least favorite food?
bellsprouts are really gross other than that i pretty much will eat anything.
oh wait, except teriyaki, yuck.
✖what do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
my mom's car? hahaha, i don't have my license yet and i don't know
that much about cars, but i've always wanted an el camino or i def wouldn't
object if somehow someone gave me a rolls royce.
✖what is your most disliked bug?
ants probably, since they can get everywhere. OH NO ACTUALLY I REALLY HATE
SLUGS LIKE THEY'RE CUTE BUT okay where i live when it rains a lot, slugs
can get into your house and one time i found one in my bed and i touched it and
i screamed and shuddered for like the next 2 days i'm shuddering now just thinking about it
✖what pet peeves do you dislike the most?
bad hair days, people with big egos, groan-worthy memes.
✖what do you dislike in life?
mostly people of power that're in my mother's generation. the wage gap, the environmental
abuse, ignorance about race and gender equality.

me meme


24 January 2014 at 19:35:43 MST

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