What I've found out is... by ShuyinTheEnigmaticWizard

The more I hear people go on and on about how much they know about something, the less I care, and this comes from a guy who listens to reviews a lot. However, to hear people go into such detailed discussion about their favorite franchise whilst pointing out fallacies in my logic makes me incredibly annoyed. It's fine for you to love the franchise you love; great. Hell, providing information and articles to each other so people can better understand each others' arguments is also great, because it shows just what you don't know and how you can apply that knowledge later on for future arguments concerning the subject. However, what I REALLY hate is when it drags out.

I recently had a discussion--or, debate, rather--over the Sonic comics with a user on the net whom, for the purposes of this journal, shall remain unnamed, because frankly, he/she has a life to live and could do without being bugged. But anywho, it was during this debate that I realized how much I didn't know about certain things, as well as my own oversights on character personalities. However, it just dragged on and on, and I just got tired at that point. Don't get me wrong, I'll defend stuff on Mega Man X to the DEATH (and how the robot souls thing doesn't really make any sense), but there came a point where I just couldn't care anymore; this fighting was just endless, and he was armed with a vast amount of information. Sure, that sounds like me complaining about my weaknesses, but it just becomes a goddamn bore when people keep pointing out your fallacies. It's politics, which is already pretty basic in terms of arguments, and I hate it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you love something so virulently that you'd probably plaster your entire house in memorabilia of the subject, then go ahead; I'm not going to judge, because it doesn't affect me personally. However, sometimes, we all need to learn to recognize when enough is enough, and just come together to figure out what you see and don't see in certain franchises, and just live and let live. I'm not saying I'm right; in fact, again, I'll defend what I know about the X series to the death. I guess I just got so burnt out from fighting. Weak, perhaps. But I just wanted it to end.

What I've found out is...


23 January 2014 at 21:27:36 MST

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    I don't blame you at all. There's definitely a point that it can come to where it's just - I don't care anymore, just let it end.

    ^^ I agree with you though. There's that point where it's just beating someone with information that they don't know. Whether it's great or not is an opinion. And that's all it comes down to; a bunch of opinions. Lol My dad used to tell me, and excuse the frankness: Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and they all stink. x'D

    Everyone has something they'll defend c: I've never watched Mega Man X, and I just might for the hell of it since I've been on an old show kinda kick, I was always a Yu-Gi-Oh fan lol

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      That's all it is in the end. And yeah, opinions are like assholes, I'll agree. ^_^

      Mega Man X is more of a video game series, actually. It's a fun side-scroller, too.

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        Lol For sure

        o 3 o Really? That's even better!! XD I love side-scrollers to death~ If it scrolls, I'll try it.

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          Do you have an emulator, or a Wii? There's a Gamecube game called Mega Man X Collection.

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            Sadly just an emulator ; v ; It's a pain but it works. Ooh now that sounds promising.