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Holla Holla! i thought id throw up a journal about me here for some reason <8,T

Yeah! i resently came back to this medium since I thought people would be moving here from furaffinity (i think they had some admin trouble) But yah! im here but i dont really go to Weasly dayly as my other mediums, since it is fairly new to me and a rather low amount of people to hang with here. But im hoping to change that by trying to submit here more. But enough bout dat!

About me:
Yes, yes! My name is Anna but i prefer to be called cherry on the net (becous thats cooler) <8,Y
Im allmost 18 years old and dope around in sweden, Ah! Im fairly stupid and likes to make stupid puns and statements.
Right now im studeing to become a game designer at LBS kristianstad. A hella good school BAHAHA so much chill ppl!
On my free time i just draw allot of bullshits and watch letsplays n animated movies. Im a really big animation fan and if you know a good movie feel free to tell me about it! Blab blab thats it :>

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23 January 2014 at 11:08:59 MST

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