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A Shortened/modded version I stole from chetchaka I suppose some of my answers are long... so... whatever. I put back in a couple that were removed

What's your height? What's your hair / eye color? Age?

  • 5'7"
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • 26 (as of this past Oct)
  • Toss my weight in there too I guess. I'm 180 pounds.

Orientation and dating status?

  • Pretty much gay, but I have a bi streak that has an appreciation for chicks. I guess that's why I kinda like ~herms~, OH MAI.

What are your hobbies and / or jobs?

  • Well, the boring shit is that I work overnights doing stock work. It' pays enough to cover bills and shit. But the Job I had doing this in Pittsburgh was the best. Low cost of living with great pay. I was saving money like crazy. Now, not so much. Within the year I'm expecting a move, gonna try and get another nice job here in NY like I did in Pitt.

  • I do take art commissions, but it's inconsistent. I really need to start picking up more. The extra money is surely needed.

  • Well, the art, music, animation and all that good stuff should be a given. But that stuff aside I love playing fighting games. Smash Bros, King of Fighters, Street Fighter more specifically. I generally have a love of older games, of the era of low-res sprites. Ya know, 16-bit and such. I like the style of older fighters like that too. Like Street Fighter 3 or almost all the KoF series, or Garuo: Mark of the Wolves.

I have an interest in a select few other games. I love the old Street of Rage series. I love Dark Souls... and don't play it nearly enough. Pokemon and Minecraft too.

What do you like / dislike about yourself?

  • Well, I do like that I can do all the creative stuff I like to do. I'm glad I stuck with it all over the years. I'm glad I'm for the most part pretty fit. I'm farely strong and I seldom ever get sick. I have a few issues, but nothing that really slows me down.

  • For one thing. I hate my plague of sleeeeeeeep issues. It's always not enough sleep, or too much sleep. It's rare that I ever get into a good cycle, thanks to my insistence of working overnights. It's mostly because I don't have much tolerance to deal with lots of people throughout the day.

  • I also hate how slow I can be with art sometimes. I A.D.D.-out a lot and sometimes get impatient when working on more elaborate work. I have major focus issues. I really hate it with my animation work too. I know I can be gettin work done sooo much faster, I know I'm capable, because I have had instances of finishing huge pictures in a few hours, or a whole set of game animations in just one day. Most of the time, I get hung-up on a few different pics/animations over a few days.

  • I need focus meds. I do legitimatly have A.D.D. and I'm typically high strung. I can't sit still for long periods of time. I have to get up and go for walks or something physical or my nerves go nuts and I become restless. If I could kick that. I'd be a fucking art MACHINE.

What is your religion if you believe in anything at all?

  • I Believe that I don't know a fucking thing about the greater things in the universe, and can only speculate on them. I don't follow any particular belief, and I honestly dislike most organized religion. But I'd consider myself somewhat of a spiritual person, but in a weird kind of cosmic sense regarding the universe and the natural world around us. The earth and sun created me and allows me to live on, but ultimately, we're a spec of dust among the grains of sand on a beach.

  • I'm fascinated with outer space and the possibilities of the universe and other living creatures that might exist out there. This is largely what a lot of my story and art (and all the stuff I do surrounding that), is all about... aside from some goofy things I like to draw. Hahah.

Drink? Smoke? Drugs?

  • I like to drink, but only socially. It's gotta be good stuff too. Cheap beer is gross.

  • I really only smoke hookah related things. Or the occasional hit from a cigar even. Again, social activity. I enjoy the flavors and sitting for a few friends, drawing and talkin.

  • No drugs. Boose is good enough for me. I don't need to fuck around with other shit.

Dreams and goals? Fears?

  • Really, my only real dreams is to be able to live comfortably doing that work I actually like to do: art and indie game dev. I really need to step up my commission work. Aside from that. I really wanna try and get my fighting game project off the ground. The money made ins't really too important to me as much as I wanna be able to create something people will actually enjoy...

  • To be honest, for as confident as I try to be, I am fearful that people really don't like my work, that people just don't like my characters and ideas. It sets in when I get no attention on a post, especially when it's something I'm really proud of and no one leaves a comment or I only get a few favs. I know it's partly because of how infrequent I can be at times. It's something I genuinely struggle with. I ultimately just want people to like my work, I know some people do, but I mean on a larger scale, and that same goes even more so for my project.

List your cartoon / 'sona crushes!
Really..? .__. What is this...? REALLY!?

Fine, I'll play. I donno about "crushes" exactly. It's a concept I never really fully got, to be honest. I just either like someone, or don't. I don't fuggin know.

  • I like anything/anyone that looks cute in this silly furry regard. Like... I'm a huge homogay for some pokemon. Smooth, curvy, slightly pudgy looking things. Like charizards, raichus, lugia, mewtwo....

  • Smooth, slightly rounded, tummies. and giant hips. o.o

Enough fagging out.

What's your favorite dish? Favorite drink?
I don't think I have a "favorite" dish, as I like eating almost fucking anything. I just love food damnit. But I suppose I have a particular liking for sweet and spicy things, like a good curry. Spicy stuff with jus the right amound of sweetness added to it is my favorite thing ever.

I am also a glutton for pizza. With lots of stuff on it. LOTS. I'm a fatty.

What's your least favorite food?

  • Olives. Just... olives. I love olive oil... but straight up olives... of all things, I just can't stand. BLEH. Most other things, I'll still eat, even if I don't exactly like it. I like to try acquiring a taste for things I don't like. Olives are just the one thing I haven't been able to do this with.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

  • Pretty much all the things my sona does, since my sona is just a bunkle version of the real me, with the fantasy powers. He can fluctuate gravity by stomping, or clapping. Either pulling things toward or pushing away from him, pretty much for a split second, making an minature black hole (or bursting it) to influence things around him. He can add a lot of extra knockback to his attacks by doing the same thing when kicking someone.

It'd pretty much be to be bunkle me I guess. shrugs

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?

  • Well, I mostly just don't like obnoxious/stupid people. Short-sighted, unenlightened, yet very opinionated people who talk out their ass.
  • I can't stand popular artist who act like spoiled, entitled children and have no sense of modesty or what it is to be humble. You draw cartoon cocks, get over yourself.
  • And fuck the people who overly praise these people and act like they can do no wrong just because they like the boner stuff they draw. It's nice to show your appreciate for someone's art, but it's another to just be a total ass patter.
  • FA's public relations, high-school clique mentality and nepotism. (I just had to.)

What do you dislike in life?

  • Well, I would just like to end on the note that I don't think life is bad by any means. Not that mine is as comfortable as I'd like it yet and there are issues with money holding me down a bit, I gotta say I'd still not call it bad.
  • I do dislike how money pretty much so dictate a lot of what you can do, but I feel like with a will, there is a way to make a decent life for yourself. You gotta have drive. Unfortunately the economy is total ass and big business is makin it hard in some ways to get by, but you just gotta put your boots on and walk through that shit.

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