A New Start? by Heal Howels

The purpose of this journal is to break my personal world.

I'm only just now getting around to understanding how great this site is. My personal feelings toward using this site is that I'm "cheating" on FurAffinity. While the site was in need of, in my opinion an upgrade. I cant help but feel that the site was forced into a corner for whatever reason. I loved FA, It was my first real home with the Fandom. I met friends there, I was able to see a gathering of inspirations that developed the foundations of what it meant for me to be in a community (good and bad).

For the foreseeable future, I don't think ill be moving away from FA entirely. While I don't like the name of the site, I love how "modern" the site is. Due what seems to be the ability for a member to pay for certain benefits, such as increased file size upload ability, this site may have the ability to fund itself in a more commercial way than advertisements. While these policies may change in the future (for better or for worse) I am personally hoping that Weasyl "ehhhh ... " may eventually be worth calling the predecessor to the giant known to many as FurAffinity.

As it goes, and so does the tech wolf,
-Heal Howels-

A New Start?

Heal Howels

22 January 2014 at 22:07:32 MST

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