Thank you, watchers by BudgieBin

Thank you, everyone, for moving to Weasyl. Some of you came through links on FA; others have found me through the community here. I am so glad to see a community grow with such gusto.

Alas, a lot of the art I have uploaded is work I would consider sloppy and a bit embarrassing. I have stagnated, when I promised myself years ago I would not. As such, I'm going to be making greater strides in art in (the rest of) 2014, and I may or may not decide to wipe works I no longer consider indicative of my skill.

As always, I am open for commissions, and maybe trades on a limited basis. My prices are not currently listed, but if anyone wants to ask for a quote directly before I can list my prices and preferences, you can do so through the note system here or via email (budgiebin at gmail dot com).

Thank you, watchers


22 January 2014 at 15:08:34 MST

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    You could always show off your woodwork and carpentry as well as your culinary skill. :D

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      I plan to! I've seen other people doing non-furry stuff here, plus there's folders, so it seems a good audience for it.