FC Report + FA/Weasyl by Idess

FurCon 2014 was extremely fun and amazing! I had such a GREAT time overall. I think I "underworked" myself a bit, but it was enjoyable; going to bed around midnight (as opposed to 3-5am), actually being able to leave my table during Dealers hours to run around in fursuit (!!), and just having a more relaxing time with friends made this FC the best one in a while.

The headcold/concrud I got is clouding up my brain at the moment so I don't think I'll be able to do a detailed or day-by-day report, but I can say that FC was just so much fun :3 I went to my first room parties and had some great time with Twitter-friends and got to meet a lot of online acquaintances IRL which is always super amazing! Thank you everyone who invited me to parties and places :D
A special thank you to :iconaazhie: for the adorable little charm and to :icontroj: for the amazing corgi socks!! Troj, since I wasn't at my table when you came by with them, I wanted to thank you so much! They're adorable and I'm just so humbled that you saw them and thought of me ;o;

As many of my friends and twitter-friends know I got my first fursuit at FC and wore it around as often as I could :D I had a blast and while what suit it is is not a 'secret', I'd rather not go telling everyone so I can have some anonymity in it ;) Needless to say I adore the suit to pieces, had a BLAST in it, and am already wanting to go suiting again haha!

Again thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by my table, bought art, chatted, hung out, etc :) You made my FC great and the decision to go or not go next year that much more difficult!

As we were gone at FC, it seems something big happened to FA and a lot of users have left/are leaving. I am not going to explain my personal views of the situation, however I would like to talk about my future there.
I've had issues with FA of various reasons for a while now, and am very much of the ilk that I would prefer to focus on other galleries since some aspects of this site make me grind my teeth. I love Weasyl and while I have troubles checking so many websites a day, I am going to try and focus more on Weasyl to make it my main account, pushing FA into secondary place along with DA.
I am not -leaving- FA but I am going to do my best to make Weasyl my main gallery. When I post new art announcements on Twitter, I will link to the Weasyl submission. I am going to try and migrate most of my watches to Weasyl and am planning on commenting/favoriting more art here.
And most importantly (to you guys), Weasyl will get first dibs on any commission openings I have and any other updates! Much like how I currently open for commissions on FA and only announce it on DA if no one's biting, the same will now happen with Weasyl/FA. I will post commission openings first on Weasyl and will only announce it on FA if I'm not filling the slots. So if you'd like a commission from me, I would really recommend you continue to use Weasyl and check it often!

If you aren't sure about your Weasyl-checking abilities, no fear! I will always announce commission openings on my Art Twitter, https://twitter.com/idessart ! Please follow @IdessArt on twitter to keep updated on my new art and commission status. Besides Weasyl, Twitter is probably the second best place to keep updated on my stuff :)

With that out of the way, I'd like to AGAIN give you guys all links to my various pages and galleries because options are good!

FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/idess
DeviantArt - http://idess.deviantart.com/
Tumblr - http://idess.tumblr.com/
Twitter Art Account - https://twitter.com/IdessArt
Commission Queue LJ - http://idessmish.livejournal.com/

FC Report + FA/Weasyl


22 January 2014 at 11:24:30 MST

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    It was great to stop by and say hello again :) I still love your corgi hat.

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      Yes it was great seeing you again! n.n And thank you lol! It's a good thing to have around when my hair is being unruly (plus added cuteness points)! X3

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    Glad you had fun! And happy you'll be sticking around!

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    had a great time at fur con and seeing both you guys.

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      It was awesome seeing you guys too! Always enjoy hanging out with you, however briefly :D

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    Nice seeing you at FC!

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      Hey, you too! Sorry I didn't recognize you at first, it's hard for me to put online-names to faces ^^ Now I know ya, though!