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Cabbit Golem February is Opened Early! by Makeshiftstory

This is being Released Early for a very good friend of mine!

Its finally here! Its CABBIT GOLEM FEBRUARY! It’s the magical month of the year that you can get Cabbit golem special art! You may also create your own cabbit golems as well for this month! Please feel free to draw cabbit golems in celebration for this month! Down below are the commission specials for this month!

Original Custom Cabbit golem is 15 USD Dollars: Don’t know what to design but would like to have one of your own? Then this option maybe the one for you! Just give me a theme, gender, color pallet, and clothing style you would like for it and I will get to work on designing one for you! I will send the sketch to see if it is to your liking!

Cabbit golem Drawing with word bubble is 10 USD Dollars: Have an Original Cabbit golem character of your own or you want to see what your character would look like as a Cabbit golem with over the top cute word bubbles? Then this one is the one you may want to try out! Give me what you want your cabbit golem saying and what theme you would like for the bubble! Just throw in the extra five dollars per characters for this one!

Couples Art is 15 USD Dollars: To be in spirit with the Valentines Day season, I am also offering Couples art done up Cabbit style! Couples will be sitting close together holding whatever you want them to hold! Examples would be a plush planet, flowers, candy box, dismembered human remains, etc. You may also do this with your best friend as well if you are single!

Feel free to comment or send me a note on what you would like me to draw for you :’)

Cabbit Golem February is Opened Early!


22 January 2014 at 10:46:46 MST

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