FC report Lite & Califur?? by Kitsumi

FC was completely exhausting! But it was great talking to old friends and fans, I felt quite happy behind the table again. :)

My travels started out on the wrong foot first with tsa confiscating my very expensive almond butter. Luckily it was a pretty low jar, but still, what am I going to do, sandwich everyone to death? So yes, I had air and bread sandwiches until Kurisu rescued me with another jar he picked up on the way up. ;; Then I got very lost in downtown San jose, google maps had me get off two lightrail stops too soon which confused me into thinking I might not be on the right street, especially since the street became 1st but I was supposed to be on 2nd, but it became 2nd again what!? I wondered back and forth for nearly two hours. I didn't feel comfortable asking for directions in the area that I was in, and with all my luggage it made getting inside a store very awkward. I finally got to the Ramada way behind schedule. My arms were sore for the rest of the weekend from hauling 120 lbs of luggage, what a workout. :P google maps fail!

The rest of the con was a flurry of badges badges and more badges and color sketches. I work SO darn hard at these things, I think each con takes a year off my life. Maybe I can relax a bit more at Rainfurrest since it's a liiitttle more local to me... ;;. I managed a decent amount of sleep the first two days, but slept for one hour saturday night as I powered through sketches. I don't drink coffee, but sheer willpower does run out eventually. Sunday was completely torturous, i hope I didn't look too spaced out. I had a great time chatting with familiar faces, but missed many more; rainfurrest anyone? On the way out my flight was delayed from 8:30 to 10:30.. I got home well past midnight. Oh flying, I hate you!

Soaking up the socal sun now before I head back to the damp and gloomy pacific northwest. My goldfish Chubbs has gotten quite big and fat. I also think he's been slurping up all my cherry shrimp.... I have a bit of take home work to do, so today I will work on that! Hope you guys had a great FC, thank you for stopping by!

Who is going to califur? I'm really on the fence about going, for me, cons are strictly for business but the past couple years business has been waning a lot for me. :( what do you guys think? I wonder if i can offer a different line of items, or maybe it's just a low traffic con.. Or I just need to get the word out more that I'll be tabling again there. Since moving I really do miss socal and I would love to return with the added bonus of seeing friends and family, but my finances are tight.

That is all!


FC report Lite & Califur??


22 January 2014 at 09:17:44 MST

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    I say skip Califur, because most of us from Nor-Cal have stopped going, and instead come to BLFC!

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    I haven't heard of BLFC.. :O