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FA Extraction: Complete? by hareteeth

Wow, so deleting all my art on FA wasn't that hard; but lol i guess you can't straight up delete your account! :/
I haven't caught any flak, but it bugs me that people are acting so entitled about artists moving accounts. It takes like, 5 minutes to signup for a new site; and isn't it great how people will give you their usernames?? Likewise,"waiting until the site has more users/is more popular" is kind of...counter-intuitive?? Ha.

Looking forward: I can't wait for the SPX lottery to start up. I'm a bit ambivalent about it as a format, but it makes things interesting, at least. Ahhh, it does mean I'll have to get some WORK together. At least three new things?? Yeah.

FA Extraction: Complete?


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    Heh, the only thing you could do in that regard is "deactivate" your account ... but when a user knows your username, he/she can circumvent that and look at your journals anyway ... shoddy coding ahoy xD

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      Haha, yeah, I deactivated my side-accounts, but I didn't know that! Lucky for me, I habitually purge my journals, so I only have two and they're both about not being on FA!

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      WOAH did not know that O_O

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        Many people don't know that, found out about it by accident.

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          I checked and it's totally true, kind of defeats the purpose of an account deactivation O_o

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            Yep, that's why I said shoddy coding - only doing things half-assed'ly never works on a big scale.

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    Eh, it's a lot of a bigger hassle for an active artist than for people who mainly comment and follow. The artist needs to go through the whole purge/reupload and then regain followers on the new site. The fans, as you say, just need to take 5 minutes and create another account. Some of the petty reactions from people these days have reached a new low.

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      Yeah; and deleting on FA is a bit of a hassle, but I found a good rhythm in click-enter-wait to reload-click-etc.
      I also like reuploading, I get to take the stuff from the past 3 years and put it online again like it's shiny and NEW! Haha, it makes me feel more productive than I actually am.