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So I am really enjoying it here on Weasyl so far, but I need some ideas to get more watchers on here. I don't know if I just need to post more of my metal work or make some different items that people would like more. It would be awesome if I could enough watchers on here that I could move my main art page from FA to here. So if you guys have any ideas on how to get more traffic on my page please feel free to let me know!



22 January 2014 at 01:18:52 MST

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    I may be a bit biased (as I'd be in heaven if I could freely work with metal, and I love to see it), but I love the metal work you've posted so far, and would love to see more!

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      Thank you happy to hear you are enjoying my work. ^_^

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    Oh, I wish I had more to suggest, but since you're moving from FA and if you need help drawing customers for commissions, I do know there is a Tumblr dedicated to spotlighting artists in that situation: I'm not sure how helpful that will be, but I would be more than happy to suggest something else if I get any other ideas. I love your work and I cannot wait to see more of it!

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      Hmm that actually looks like a pretty cool tumbler, thank you for the suggestion!